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Winning Moments...

"Winner’s Edge was a valuable resource for our business.  We had to relocate twice in less than a year and had very specific needs for our music school. We had the privilege of working with Polly Parchem Berry who guided us through every step and was extremely patient with us.  She went above and beyond our expectations of a realtor. 

Polly came up with creative solutions for our business needs and was determined to not only find us the best possible place but also at the most competitive price. The experience and professionalism was incredible. It felt like we were part of an unbeatable team. I would highly recommend Winner’s Edge to our family and friends."


Steven & Kelly Sjobring

String Academy of Chicago

Glen Ellyn, IL


"I met Polly P. Berry for the first time when looking at a professional office space that I'd dreamed of leasing for years. The space came available and I nervously called the number on the Winner's Edge sign on the lawn. I came into the process of negotiating for professional space for my medical practice with a lot of fear knowing the implications of all the decisions that I would make would affect my life for many years to come.

My fears were around the decisions to start my own business and around the process of negotiation itself. I had little to no experience in this arena and with that sensed that I was at quite a disadvantage and prior to meeting Polly judged that the agent and landlord might possibly conspire against me. Thankfully, none of those fears came true.

My first impressions of Polly was that she was kind, welcoming, upbeat and professional without any added pressure to coerce me into a decision before I was ready. She wanted to know me and my dreams for how I would use the space. She spoke in truths without hyperbole. She affirmed the landlords who she worked for was also willing to be honest with me about the approaches in negotiation would be most welcome from ownership. I quickly sensed that while Polly clearly worked for ownership she was also willing and able to advocate for me. I sensed that she honestly wanted me to succeed beyond merely wanting to make a sale. I believe that Polly saw the man behind the sale who had dreams and fears and concerns that she relate to. I relaxed, and the process became something that I could step into in much part because Polly helped me to feel safe.

I stuck with the process and eventually came to a 3-year agreement with ownership. It was/is an agreement that I truly believe benefitted both sides and that the fairness drawn out in the lease is a reflection of the agent, Polly Berry herself."

Dr. Scott Selby
Wheaton, IL

"Polly was recommended to me by a mutual friend. We were on an extremely tight time frame and a stricter budget as we are a relatively new company. We met with Polly and described our needs and wishes. She took the ball from our first meeting and started sprinting with it. Within days, to our surprise, she handed us a whole list of viable options. She shepherded us from one property to the next, not giving us the chance to procrastinate, which we would have done, left to our own devices. Polly kept our eyes on the ball. In the end we got a great space, moving from a very cramped 9000 square feet, to a beautiful and modern 22,000 square foot facility that we are very proud of. We actually moved within about three and a half months after meeting her!


Polly understood our financial constraints and her seemingly instantaneous rapport with the owner made her very instrumental in negotiating a great deal. Her final test came when she said she could sublet our old space, well, we had a new tenant move into that space two weeks after we moved out paying rent higher than our contractual obligation! We would certainly recommend Polly as she is very professional and driven, but she is also a joy to work with."

Mark J Marosi
Marosi Designs LLC

Naperville, IL

"Polly sold our property in 2015 after having the listing for several years. The property was very difficult to sell and it required perseverance and imagination to find the right buyer. Polly never gave up and was amazing in her creativity and dedication to the task."

Mary Lou McLennan

Haas & McLennan Law Firm

Wheaton, IL

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